Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

Purchasing a Membership

How can I join the Zoo?
  • Sign up or renew online by clicking here.
  • Visit the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail entry complex.
  • Call the Membership Department at 419-724-5915.
What if my Membership hasn’t arrived by the time of my visit?

Please consider logging into your digital membership card at and following the instructions. Then, simply show your digital card for free parking and admission. Otherwise, go to the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail entry plaza for a day pass. If your Membership was purchased online, you may go directly to the admission gate and present your confirmation email, which serves as your temporary card until your permanent card arrives.

If I am purchasing a gift membership, is the price based upon the county I live in, or the county my gift recipient lives in?

Membership price is based upon where the person purchasing the membership lives.

Can I use a gift card to purchase a membership?

Toledo Zoo gift cards cannot be used to purchase a membership online or by phone, but they can be used when purchasing a membership on Zoo grounds at the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne Trail entry plaza.

How do I access my digital membership card?

Go to and follow the instructions given to download your card.

When I renew or upgrade my membership, how are these changes made to my digital membership card?

When you renew your membership, upgrade to a different category, or make any changes to your membership, simply go to, login, and download your updated membership card.

Membership Benefits

If I renew my membership prior to the expiration date, will I lose time on my membership?

No, you will not lose any time if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; your membership expiration date will simply be extended for one additional year. As a conservation organization, the Zoo encourages members to renew early and to renew online if possible to decrease the need for paper renewal notices to be printed and mailed.

Where do I pick up my member window decal if I am receiving my membership card digitally?

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium static cling window decals are given to all Zoo members to show their pride and support for the Zoo. Window decals can be picked up at the Membership Sales window located in the Anthony Wayne entry plaza. Please note that window decals are not parking passes and members are still required to present their membership card for free parking.

Membership Policies

Can my babysitter/nanny/caregiver bring my children to the zoo?

Yes. Simply send your caregiver with your membership card and a note granting permission to use your card to bring your children to the Zoo. If you have your card in a digital format, simply print a copy of your digital card, or send a screenshot of the card to your caregiver and have them present the card on their phone along with your permission note and their identification. Please note that only one caregiver is granted free admission and only your children. This policy is only applicable to Dual, One Adult Family, Family and President's Circle memberships. Caregiver will be asked to present identification.

Can a membership be shared between two households?

No. Zoo Memberships can only be used by one household. Members will be asked to present a picture ID showing their name and current address for verification. The membership cardholder must be present whenever the membership or guest privileges are used.

Can my adult children and/or grandchildren use my senior grandparent membership card without me being present?

With a Senior Grandparent membership, it is our policy that both members listed on the card be grandparents and one grandparent must always be present when the card is used; therefore the membership card cannot be given to an adult child or the grandchild to use.

Can my children under the age of 21 use my membership card without me being present?

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 16 or older. Children age 12 to 20 years old living in the member household may use the card with a note from their parent and some form of identification (driver’s license or school ID). Children cannot use the card to bring guests outside of the family. For membership categories that offer guest privileges, the cardholder must be present whenever guest privileges are used and the guest privileges will be recorded accordingly.

Why do I need to show a picture ID when I use my Zoo membership card?

As a nonprofit, we depend upon membership and attendance revenue for support. In order to prevent misuse of Zoo membership benefits, and to protect our members in case their card has been lost or stolen, a picture ID is required for each adult listed on the membership card.

Can my Plus 1 or 2 Guest admissions be used when I am not present?

No, these guest admissions cannot be used without a named member present.  These add-ons cannot be used by a caretaker using your membership.

Experience Package

Can a non-member purchase the Experience Package?

No, the Experience Package is a Membership benefit and cannot be purchased for non-members or Annual Pass holders to use

How long is my Experience Package valid for, the length of my membership or one year from purchase?

It is valid for the length of your membership.

Who is eligible to participate in the giraffe feed and ride the train, carousel and Lights Before Christmas rides under the Experience Package?

The experience package only covers those family members and guests that are covered under your membership category.

When does my Experience Package take effect?

Your package is effective immediately. You can print your email confirmation as your temporary card or stop by the Membership Sales window for a temporary card listing your membership category and package add-on. It may take up to two weeks to receive your new membership card or updated digital membership card.

Can my relatives or friends use my Experience Package for free rides?

No, unlimited ride and giraffe feed benefits are non-transferable. As Aerial Adventure Course and LBC passes are physical tickets they may be given to another individual to use.

Why do I need to show my membership card and ID for the unlimited free rides and feed experiences?

Because the rides and Giraffe/Keet feed are tied to your membership card, we require that your membership card and ID be presented to protect the value of these benefits and prevent abuse.

How do I redeem my package benefits?

Train and carousel rides: Present your membership card at the ride ticket booth and tickets will be given based upon the number of people in attendance that are covered under your current membership.

Giraffe Feed: Present your membership card at the Feed Deck in Africa for a family bucket.

Keet Retreat Feed: Present your membership card at ‘Keet Retreat, located in the Aviary for one feed stick per person covered under your membership.

Barnyard Feeds: Present membership card at cart or attendant at the Nancy L. and Martin Davidson Barnyard. Exhibit operates seasonally 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Call 419-385-5721 for availability.

When are the rides open?

Ride operation is seasonal and based upon weather conditions. Please contact the Zoo at 419.385.5721 to check availability.

Can my caregiver use my Experience Package?

Yes. You will need to send a note, along with your membership card or email confirmation, giving your caregiver permission to use your membership and Experience Package. Only one caregiver and your children receive Experience Package benefits. Caregiver privileges do not apply to Single and Senior Grandparent levels.

What if I have Lights Before Christmas or Aerial Adventure Course tickets from a previous year’s package?

Lights Before Christmas and Aerial Adventure Course tickets from previous year packages can be picked up at the Anthony Wayne Trail membership window. These tickets are valid until December 31st, 2020 and must be picked up in person.