Nature’s Neighborhood

Summer fun at Nature’s Neighborhood

Image of the sign at the entrance of Natures Neighborhood

When the weather warms up, the outdoor portion of Nature’s Neighborhood becomes a great place to play and learn while enjoying the ideal temperatures!

Animal Shows

Image of a Keeper Tales show in Natures Neighborhood
Live animal shows at the Fisher-Price Discovery Stage
Live performances at 12:30 & 1:30 p.m. each day and 2:30 pm on Sat. and Sun. Animals and topics may change, but the fun stays the same!
Open during warmer months

The Stream

Image of children wading in the stream at Natures Neighborhood
Cool off your feet!
Clean water cools your feet as you explore the stream. Build small dams, play, or just wade down the stream!
Open during warmer months

The Contact Yard

Image of children brushing a goat in the contact yard at Natures Neighborhood
Brush and pet friendly goats
Caring for animals is part of our mission at the Zoo and this is your chance to care for our goats!
Open during warmer months

Masks / Sculptures

Image of a children playing with sculptures at the entrance of Natures Neighborhood
It’s even fun at the entrance!
Kids love these animal masks and sculptures and great photo opportunities are waiting.
Available during warmer months

The Backyard

Image of children watching a demonstration in the backyard section of Natures Neighborhood
Visit our backyard for learning fun
When you visit our backyard you may discover games, activities, or even scientific demonstrations!
Open during warmer months

The Beach

Image of a children playing in sand at Natures Neighborhood
No ocean — but lots of sandy fun!
Activities vary but you might be able to build a sand castle, dig for fossils, or even construct a fort!
Open during warmer months

The Treehouse

Image of families near the tree house at Natures Neighborhood
Get a view from the top
Climb the rope ladder, take the stairs, or even use our accessible ramp. It’s up to you!
Open during warmer months

The Climbing Wall

Image of a child scaling the climbing wall at Natures Neighborhood
Challenge yourself
It’s not too difficult, but still requires an effort. After you reach the top, you can slide back down!
Open during warmer months


Year-round indoor fun at Nature’s Neighborhood

Image of the indoor forest room at Natures Neighborhood

Cold weather keeps us indoors, but at Nature’s Neighborhood that’s a good thing! All year you can come inside to meet plenty of live animals, explore, and try various activities on your own!

Home Sweet Home

Image of the Home Sweet Home area in Natures Neighborhood
Learning about animals starts at home
Meet live animals we often have as pets in our homes while learning about animal care and more.

Guinea Pigs

Image of a girl brushing a guinea pig at Natures Neighborhood
Make a furry new friend
Guinea pigs make great pets and we have them for you to meet. Availability depends on volume of visitors.

Face Painting

Image of girl painting her face at Natures Neighborhood
Become your favorite animal
At Home Sweet Home we have face paints so kids can be creative and become their favorite animals.

Science in action

Image of families watching a science demonstration in Natures Neighborhood
Watch cool effects made with science
Occasionally we offer cool science demos that are sure to intrigue everyone, and you can even join in!

Explore the forest

Image of the forest room at Natures Neighborhood
Explore all you want!
You will make all kinds of discoveries and you’ll see cool live animals like leaf-cutter ants and vampire bats!

Bee hive

Image of a children playing on the beehive display at Natures Neighborhood
BEE your best!
Climb on our life-sized beehive display, dress up like a bee, and even watch live bees in a real hive!

The Workshop

Image of the workshop at Natures Neighborhood
Something different every day!
At the workshop you can try various activities to learn about animals’ behaviors, their diets, and more!

Jumpin’ Junction

Image of a child scaling the climbing wall at Natures Neighborhood
Become a TV star!
Watch yourself on TV live! You can play, dress up like an animal, or even perform with animal puppets.

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